Do you really want your CMO in charge of IT?

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Back online

Things have been crazy for the last couple of months. Drowning in work, I haven’t even been rock climbing or scuba diving – never mind updating my blog. Wednesday evening however I got back to City Rock and had a go on the wall – so now I’m back out of my little hole and will be back online!

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I’m halfway through my Master’s Degree’s final module which is a study which should make a contribution to development management. I have decided to do this study on inter-organisational relationships within the microfinance sector in Ethiopia. This is proving incredibly interesting and has made me look at the relevance of networking and communications in my current work and also for the organisations that I work with. Here I’ll be charting the developments and results of my project and also how things progress related to this with my work. Hopefully I’ll be getting more work in this field!

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